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PRE-ORDER: Language of the Forgotten, 2018

PRE-ORDER: Language of the Forgotten, 2018

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A rare chance to pre-order this high quality, still-in-production book by Rappaport Prize winner Titus Kaphar. Books will ship by Jan 2, 2019. (Photos not yet available)

Titus Kaphar is a MacArthur award winning painter and sculptor whose practice examines the history of representation. In his art, he appropriates styles and conventions from the art historical canon and, using techniques like cutting, shredding, and erasing, he represents them to illuminate social inequalities and address African-American experiences from our country's founding to today. Ultimately, his work confronts our past to highlight the inadequacies of our present. In Kaphar’s words, he creates works “that nod to hidden narratives and begin to reveal unspoken truths about the nature of history.”

In 2017 Kaphar led a TED Talk titled “How Can We Address Centuries of Racism In Art?” in which he explored the history of racism in Western artwork—and asked how we can amend it through contemporary art.