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Boston CityScape Luggage Tag

Boston CityScape Luggage Tag

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Find your luggage on the carousel immediately with this Boston Cityscape luggage tag designed by London-based artist Yoni Alter.  Alter’s minimalist sensibility combines with a sophisticated color palette and a unique graphical perspective which proposes a new interpretation of the cityscapes that surround us. Laminated Birchwood 2 3/8 ” W x 3 1/2 ” H


  • Unique bag/luggage tags mean you will never mistake your bag at the claim carousel again.
  • Included wax cotton cord provides a sturdy connection to your favorite bag.
  • Discrete contact fields on reverse side share just enough info to help identify lost bags.
  • Made from FSC-certified laminated birchwood in Sweden – no melamine.
  • Dishwasher safe but best cared for by hand.

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