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Bonga Climbing Worm Wind-up

Bonga's Darwinian mind is determined; he will crawl over anything to reach his objective, whatever that may be. Try setting up small obstacles to keep Bonga distracted; test his limits...


Katita Wind-up Toy

Katita is a spunky little wind-up that skitters and dances to the delight of kids and adults alike! Katita was named after a small female mutt in Rio who had...


Nature Journal Kit

This journaling kit by Kid Made Modern is the perfect thing to get kids outside exploring the world around them. Includes everything you need to archive your next outdoor adventure....


Make A Mask Kit

This kit by Kid Made Modern inspires hours of mask making fun and imaginative play. It has everything your little hero/heroine needs to create nine felt masks based on earth,...


Washable Paint Set

This washable paints set by Kid Made Modern features everything you need to fall in love with the art of painting. And it all comes in a handy storage container,...


On-The-Go Drawing Kit

The On-The-Go Drawing Kit by Kid Made Modern allows you to take your art supplies with you, so you can sketch whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. The 32-page book features...


Brush Library

This comprehensive set of artist-quality paint brushes by Kid Made Modern are the perfect foundation for the young (and young-at-heart) artists’ supply store. Each of the 24 brushes is labeled...


Rock Crayons set of 3

Smooth as a river rock, Kid Made Modern's ergonomic Rock Crayons feel great in your hand and glide easily across your paper. These easy-to-hold crayons feature playful color combinations that will...


Mini Q-Man

Fun, non-toxic, super strong magnets! These little soft rubbery guys will help you stick notes on the fridge, are great decoration for lockers, file cabinets and any other metal surface.  ...


Mr Food Face

Ideal for the budding artist of any age, this plate allows you to play with your food and make faces at the same time! Sure, your Grandma will be appalled--but...

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Playable Art Cube

These colorful cubes are strung together for endless deigning, re-designing, and just plain fiddling. On your desk at work as a necessary distraction – or decorating your coffee table for...

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Playable Art Ball

Art for the desk? These playful over-size wooden beads are strung for endless tinkering -- their shape changes to suit your whim. Great for fiddling with as you mull over strategic...

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