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Faux Camera Pencil Sharpener

This nifty little box camera is actually a pencil sharpener --  and one of the best we’ve found. It adjusts to all sizes of pencil and allows you to control...

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Pencil Works set of 12

When it's time to create serious drawings you need to have a drawing pencil set with all the different types of pencil leads that great pencil artists use. The Pencil...


Modern Metallics Colored Pencils

Bring a modern look to your coloring projects with Modern Metallics Colored Pencils. This colored pencil set features 12 unique colors that'll leave a glistening sheen that can make your...


Ink Works Markers set of 5

This marker set is for all the artists out there who work in black ink; finally a single set of every marker you need. The Ink Works Markers is a...


Color Core Colored Pencils set of 12

LONG LASTING - Each piece is absolutely made wood-free, meaning it contains more colored lead, 4 to 5 times more than the average colored pencil! You won't be needing pencils...


Critter Wind-up

Critter is a long, tall dancer! Wind him up and see him dance and wobble. A gentle bend to a leg can keep him balanced longer! Foot and key color...


Ms Food Face Plate

Ideal for the budding artist of any age, this plate allows you to play with your food and make faces at the same time! Sure, your Grandma will be appalled—but...

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Artist's Box Activity Set

Kids will make their artistic interpretations of a mobile, collage, sculpture, self portrait —and more Kit includes 7 pieces tissue paper, 2 yd cotton embroidery thread, 4.3 yd cotton twine, 6 pom poms,...


Paper Works Sketchbook

White, Black, Graph and Kraft. You get the works with The Paper Works Sketchbook. Need some graph paper for interesting looking artwork or maybe a geometry class? How about creating...


Oil Pastel Twisty Stix set of 24

These smooth, creamy pastels come in 24 bright blendable colors. Each plastic stick keeps hands clean and makes for easier gripping. Twisting action brings more color to the top, then...


Neon Chalkables set of 5

These liquid chalk markers are bright and fun! They will really up your chalk art game. Works on any chalkboard surface and cleans up with water. Or, make a more...


Modern Writers Gel Pens

For the sophisticated writer or artist, Modern Writers are the fine tip gel pens that are perfect for detailed drawing or fine print writing. Modern Writers come as a set...