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Awika Wind-up

Awika is a sparking wind up who seems to always be in a big hurry. The faster she goes, the more she sparks! Awika is a very good climber; test...


Critter Wind-up

Critter is a long, tall dancer! Wind him up and see him dance and wobble. A gentle bend to a leg can keep him balanced longer! Foot and key color...


Bonga Climbing Worm Wind-up

Bonga's Darwinian mind is determined; he will crawl over anything to reach his objective, whatever that may be. Try setting up small obstacles to keep Bonga distracted; test his limits...


Katita Wind-up Toy

Katita is a spunky little wind-up that skitters and dances to the delight of kids and adults alike! Katita was named after a small female mutt in Rio who had...